Would you like to own the smooth and heathy hands with the shiny and nice-looking fingernails? It is ideal and enjoyable for you to make the wise options among the best nail salons where provide the high-quality and professional manicure services in San Diego. Currently, there are the number of available nail salons with the variety of manicure service packages as well as the application of the modern manicure process for your beauty and health of nails and hands. It is recommended for you to come and experience manicure service packages of the Labelle Nail Boutique at Poway Rd UNIT 107, San Diego.

  1. Definition of Manicure

A popular and typical term used in the beauty care industry for nails is Manicure. Formed on the basis of two elements: “manus” is “hands” and “cura” can be understood “care”, manicure is a cosmetic therapy for the beauty and health of your hands and fingernails. Manicure will be implemented by the expert and well-experienced staffs of the nail technicians with the meticulous and systematic process.

To activate this process of manicure, your hands will be dipped in the special and pure essential oil to remove the dust and stains and soften your hand skin first. After soaking the hands, your fingernails will be proceeded to trimming, filing and shaping to be neater and cleaner. During manicure process, with the support of the specialized tools and intensive compounds, your excess dead skin cells and non-living cuticles will be pushed and removed carefully. The final step for the manicure completion is the application of the aroma and special moisturizers for hand massage and coating the nail colour polish depending on you’re the favourite choices.

  1. The great benefits of Manicure for your nails and hands

Why should you get the manicure? Manicure is the common choices appropriate with the different range of clientele, including: men, women, children…Thanks to the useful advantages, Manicure is well-known for the maintenance and treatment of the beauty and health of your nails. In addition, you should get manicure with the good purpose for spirit improvement. Manicure will help you de-stress, feel truly relax and comfortable as well as increase your blood inflow and release muscle tension.

  1. Review the best nail salon for Manicure San Diego

It’s not difficult for you to look for any nail salon in which provides the thorough and various manicure services. If you want to look for the best address and location for manicure San Diego, you can go to Poway Rd UNIT 107 for enjoy the most magnificent manicure services at Labelle Nail Boutique. When you book an appointment in advance and inform the staffs of reception about your demand for manicure services, you are able to secure absolutely about the methodical and thorough process for manicure treatment and care of the beauty and health of your hands and fingernails. Therefore, Labelle Nail Boutique is a prestigious and great for your choice of Manicure San Diego with the abundant application of each service, consisting of the Classic manicure, Spa Treatment, Deluxe Spa Treatment, Ultimate Hand Treatment, CBD Cannicure Hand Treatment, Gel Manicure.

Due to the friendly and expert the staffs of manicurists, the fresh and clearly sanitized environment, and the proper application of the natural originated and free-toxic products, Labelle Nail Boutique is really deserved to receive the best searching times as well as a number of the positive comments from the numerous types of customers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc… It is unsurprising for anyone to type the main words in the searching box on the Internet: Manicure San Diego, or Manicure Poway, you will immediately see the top result of the best nail salon for manicure Poway: Labelle Nail Boutique in San Diego.

  1. The impression features of Labelle Nail Boutique where offers manicure Poway

Labelle Nail Boutique in Poway is one of the deeply suitable choices for customers to get the manicure Poway. The proper combination of the familiar traditional process and the modern treating methods together with the intensive care therapy to the manicure services helps Labelle to obtain the special and profound attention from the numerous clients. The classic is always one of the popular and indispensable choices for manicure Poway. With the classic service, your hands and fingernails will be enjoyed the fundamental caring process. Hand soaking is the first important step for cleaning your hands and sanitizing the fingernails. The pure essential oil will help your hands rapidly and effectively clear and smooth. Your fingernails will be cut, filed and shaped. At the same time, the nail technicians will remove the non-living dead skin cells and harmful cuticles for refresh cuticles under your nails. Manicure Poway is accomplished with the last step for selecting the nail colour polish suitable with your hobby and coating the manicure colour lacquer as your expectation. The particular thing for manicure at Labelle Nail Boutique from other manicure Poway services is the appropriate application of special and modern manicure services. Typically, CBD Cannicure Hand Treatment is an innovated treatment for the recovery and improvement of your hand skin conditions using the extraction from the cannabis plant. The additional and intensive services which Labelle Nail Boutique is currently offering regarding manicure Poway include: Spa Treatment, Deluxe Spa Treatment, and Gel Manicure will make your choices become more diversified and easier. Therefore, it is simple and ideal for you to experience the thorough processes for beauty care and health improvement of your hands with the wonderful manicure San Diego, especially manicure Poway at Labelle Nail Boutique. In addition, because of the positive feedbacks from majority of customers for Labelle, you will certainly have belief in this nail salon being one of the best manicure Poway boutiques in San Diego.


  1. Menu Manicure Poway and Price Manicure Poway

Labelle is always expected to offer the most perfect and good-quality manicure service package. The list of manicure services at Labelle is made on the basis of the standard criteria for manicure San Diego. Therefore, you can seek easily the original and extra advanced menus for service packages of manicure San Diego in this nail boutique. Menu manicure Poway at Labelle is divided into each specific and proper package with the reasonable prices to meet the demand and desire of all various types of clients.

Firstly, your hands and fingernails will be meticulously treated and cared based on the Classic manicure. With the full of traditional steps, including: hand soaking in the pure essential oil, nail trimming, filing and shaping and the excess cuticle removal for the nail hygiene. To complete the process, your hands and fingernails will be wrapped in hot towel as well as used the special moisturizer and coated nail colour polish. Thus, the classic becomes one of the most basic and popular choices for most of clientele when they get any requirements of manicure San Diego.  Regarding the price of the Classic, you only need to pay about $20, you are able to completely experience the wonderful effects of the classic manicure San Diego give you.

Also included the menu manicure Poway, this type of service is methodically and systematically applied to the treatment and nourishment of the beauty and health of your nails. Spa Treatment is one of the common and wide services offered by a number of nail salon for manicure San Diego. However, depending on each specific nail salon, this manicure San Diego type of service is implemented distinctly. For Spa Treatment in Labelle, your nails and hands will be cured and cared with the classic process first, but the boutique will supply the additional care with the use of the fine sugar crystal and coconut water lacquer together with the application of shea butter mask and warm towel wrapping. Only with $35, you will be received the best Spa Treatment in the service list of manicure San Diego at Labelle Nail Boutique.

After the completion of the Classic and Spa Treatment, Ultimate Hand Treatment is recommended to pamper yourself with the above-mentioned service packages adding the Paraffin Treatment for deep hydration to improve and increase the blood circulation and release the muscle tension. The cost is paid for this service of manicure San Diego at Labelle is about $42. It is not too much expensive, is it?

Apart from the traditional services for Manicure San Diego, Labelle also provides the attention to the improvement and special therapy for types of skin conditions using CBD which is derived from the cannabis plant. The CBD hemp-infused fizzer soak ball will be applied to trigger your hand treatment. The use of delicious raw cane sugar will make your skin softer and more gleaming. The cannabinoids massage with hemp-oil rich will applied to your skin for the most natural and radiant beauty. This type of service for manicure San Diego is priced about $50. With the relatively normal price, you can consider to choose this service at Labelle because this type of service is not provided widely in nail salons where are offering manicure San Diego.

If you intend to revitalize your hands and fingernails, Gel Manicure at Labelle among the list of manicure San Diego service packages is suitable for you. With the cost paid about $40, you will get the special treatment and application of Gel Manicure service, comprising nail filing, shaping, cuticle caring. Lastly, you will enjoy the comfortable feelings due to the gently massage for your hands and freely choose the favourite colour gel polish.


In conclusion, with the useful information and specific introduction for Manicure San Diego followed the menu Manicure poway and price Manicure Poway, this article will be expected to support for you to make the best decision on searching the best nail salon for manicure San Diego experience. With the wonderful advantages, natural products and the well-trained staffs of technicians, Labelle Nail Boutique is always proud of the top rank among the nail salon for manicure San Diego. Be quickly to make booking Manicure Poway of Labelle at address: 11385 Poway Rd UNIT 107, San Diego, CA 92128, USA or calling Tel: +1 858-679-6729 or through

Email: to enjoy the most interesting and valuable experiences for Manicure San Diego.

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