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To meet more and more increasing demand of beauty in the modern and bustling lifestyle, series of the distinct and different types of nail salons have been more popular and developing rapidly. Therefore, it is convenient and simple for all kinds of clients to search for the best nail salons served by the expert nail technicians and the variety of basic and extensive service packages as well as the fresh environment for the health and beauty care and treatment. One of the most prevalent nail salons in San Diego is Labelle Nail Boutique in Poway Rd UNIT 107. There are numerous and suitable list service packages for you to select and experience comfortably at here. You can completely secure about the safety and quality of the list services which are Labelle Nail Boutique are offering at present. What do you need to know more about Labelle Nail Boutique in San Diego? What types of remarkable services which are applying to the thorough care and treatment for the health and beauty of clientele? Let’s inquire and review the specific and special features of each list service from Labelle Nail Boutique in this article.

  1. About Labelle Nail Boutique

Labelle Nail Boutique is designed on the basis of the classic and modern architecture style in Poway Rd UNIT 107, San Diego. “All Natural, all Beautiful” is an impressive massage that Labelle Nail Boutique always hope to give and send all customers when they come and join the process of beauty care and health improvement here. Working devotedly and enthusiastically, Labelle Nail Boutique is constantly aware of their own mission for the careful and safe care for health and beauty of all customers with the toxic-free intensive products in the specific service packages.  Thus, together with these unique characteristics, you will certainly get the valuable experiences for the special and good packages of list services which are implemented by the professional and friendly staffs of technicians in the sanitized and fresh environment as well as enjoy the flavoursome beverages.

  1. The specific and remarkable types of services offered at Labelle Nail Boutique

Basically, being the same to the other nail beauty salons, Labelle Nail Boutique chiefly focuses on the important and typical two types of services: Manicure and Pedicure.

Manicure is stemmed from Latin words, “manus” is defined as “hand” and “cura” is used for meaning “care”. Manicure is an inevitable cosmetic treatment for the beauty care of your hands and fingernails. The process of manicure is meticulously implemented by the professional staffs of manicurists with the proper application of the intensive care products, moisturizing oil and cream for your hand skin massage combined with the support of the specialized tools and the modern equipment for improving your appearance of fingernails and beauty of hands.

  • Manicure:

Divided into the specific and effective service packages with the reasonable prices, Manicure at Labelle Nail Boutique is always promising to bring the most comfortable feelings and wonderful experiences for every customer. List services comprised in manicure at Labelle are: The classic, Spa Treatment, Ultimate Hand Treatment, CBD Cannicure Hand Treatment, Gel Manicure.

  • The Classic:

The classic Manicure, understood in another way is the traditional service, is the most popular and customary type of service provided at a number of nail salons, at Labelle as well. When you get the classic manicure service at Labelle Nail Boutique, you have chance for approaching each systematic and methodical step with the assurance of the safety and beauty care for your hands and fingernails. To make the clean hygiene and dusty removal, your hands will be soaked with the special liquids. Besides, the nail trimming will make your fingernails seem neater and more even. To strengthen the comprehensive sanitation for your hands, the removal of the non-living cuticle as well as the dead skin cells will be done with the specialized equipment. After eliminating the unessential cuticles, your fingernails will be shaped and buffed. Together with this step, moisturizer and hot towels will be used for better hand skin care and massage of the blood circulation. The final step to complete the full process for the classic manicure is your selection for your favourite colour nail polish to increase the unique attraction of your hands and fingernails.

  • Spa Treatment:

Aside from The Classic service, Spa Treatment is one of the wonderful choices for you to enjoy the special beauty care services at Labelle. Although Spa Treatment consists of the total process of the Classic Manicure, the more notable feature of this service is the intensively concentration on the health and beauty care of your hands and fingernail with the most effective application of the coconut shea butter mask covered by the warm towel deeply hydrates combined with the fine sugar crystal and coconut water polish. After finishing these steps, your hand skin will become soft and silky. In addition, Spa Treatment manicure also distributes the benefits for beauty and health of your hands.  The first advantage of Spa Treatment is a great therapy for you to de-stress and relax. Moreover, Spa Treatment also helps you to relieve any pains and aches if your hands get. With the use of the special moisturizers, Spa Treatment will make your hands more and more radiant. One more interesting benefit, the process of Spa Treatment is ended with a steaming wet towel refresh and the complete of hand massage will bring for you happier and more relax feelings.

  • Ultimate Hand Treatment:

The above-suggested packages of services will make you more confident with the excited experiences about your own attractive beauty and health of hand skin. However, you will own the perfect and opulent beauty for your hands when you enjoy Paraffin treatment for deep hydration. This type of hand care is included in Ultimate Hand Treatment. With the support of the special and extensive therapy, your blood circulation will be improved and increased as well as your muscle around your hands is truly relax and comfortable.

  • CBD Cannicure Hand Treatment:

With the combination of the classic manicure, CBD Cannicure Hand Treatment is a renovated and methodical service for your hands. CBD or Cannabidiol is a natural compound originated from the cannabis plant, used for CBD oil. There are the number of evidence and the study documents showed that CBD oil can bring the variety of benefits for skin types as well as the skin health improvement. CBD is extracted from several ingredients of Cannabis Sativa plant by heating and properly combined with some kinds of oil, including coconut oil or hemp for CBD oil creation. CBD oil or a series of beauty products which contain CBD chemical compound to apply to the skin care and solution for the skin problems. CBD is evaluated to be useful and effective for solving and treating the skin diseases, such as psoriasis, acne, eczema…How does it work for skin? As mentioned, according to some results of researches, CBD oil are beneficial for a range of skin conditions, including: acne, itching and dryness, wrinkles and aging and infection…For acne skin, one of the most popular skin conditions encountered at most of people. Because the properties of reducing oil, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, CBD become a great choice for the improvement and prevention of the acne status. At the same time, due to the anti-inflammatory properties, CBD is absolutely useful for treating the potential symptoms on the skin such as: psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema…In addition, CBD also abates the dryness and itching of the skin to reduce the irritation for the sensitive skin. With the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, CBD is also contributed to the prevention the aging appearance on the skin. Besides, CBD is extremely good for the infection treatment thanks to the antibacterial and antifungal. Therefore, with the special and useful effects, CBD is applied to hand treatment and care in the service package: CBD Cannicure Hand Treatment at Labelle Nail Boutique. It is wonderful and flawless for you to get the valuable experiences in the process of hand treatment using CBD hemp-infused fizzer soak ball. The application of the tasty raw cane sugar which buffs until your skin becomes gleaming and softer. The cannabinoids massage combined with butter mask full-spectrum hemp oil-rich, smoothly wrapping hands in a steam towel will care your body skin and hand skin thoroughly and comfortably. You will truly feel blissful and relax. To finish this process of CBD care, Hemp oil massage is incorporated with CBD to bring the most natural and radiant beauty for you.

  • Gel Manicure:

To be similar to the classic manicure, Gel Manicure is one of the common services for the durability and beauty of your hand and fingernails. Most of steps which are included in Gel Manicure are the same to the Classic, including: nail trimming, nail filing, nail shaping and the intensive care for cuticle, and the final step for completion is Gel nail polish also. Especially, if you decide to choose Gel Manicure service at Labelle, you can easily inform to the reception staff to book an appointment and freely choose any types of nail arts or gel manicure polishes for your nails. In addition, if you want to remove the nail art or gel manicure, you also tell the staff about the necessarily additional time to make the removal. Although the gel manicure polish is also coated like the classic gloss, it will be treated with UV or LED light to secure it in place for long-lasting purpose. It takes about 30-60 seconds for the coating of gel polish to be cured. Due to the meticulous process of treatment, Gel polish can be stayed last around more than 10 days up to three weeks. Thus, gel polish is considered lasting longer than traditional or classic lacquer. This advantage will Gel manicure become one of the top great choices for you to get the care and beauty for your hands and fingernails when you come to Labelle Nail Boutique.

  • Pedicure:

Parallel with Manicure service, an inevitable and indispensable service for feet and toenail treatment and care is Pedicure. Pedicure services are offered at Labelle Nail Boutique with the variety of service packages, can be listed: The Classic, Spa Treatment, Deluxe Spa Treatment, Ultimate Pedicure Treatment, CBD Cannicure Pedicure Treatment, Signature Labelle Coconut Milk and Honey Treatment.

  • The Classic:

The Classic pedicure is a popular service and the common choice with the suitable prices for the thorough and basic treatment of feet and toenails. The first step in this service is feet soaking for cleaning and sanitizing in the pure essential oil before trimming the excess parts of toenails and removing the non-living cuticle or dead skin cells. The next step is nail shaping and buffing to make your nails more attractive. The application of aroma moisturizing massage will bring out the truly relaxation for you to enjoy. One more comfortable step you can feel when your feet can be wrapped in the hot towel. Obviously, you can choose the favourite colour polish for coating you toenails to increase the attraction and radiant beauty.

  • Spa Treatment:      

The beauty of your feet skin and blood circulation will be significantly improved and treated in the best therapy with the Spa Treatment service. The process for Spa Treatment in Pedicure is also included the Classic based on the fundamental steps, from foot soaking, nail cutting, filing, shaping and buffing to coating colour polish. Therefore, you will enjoy the accomplished process for the basic pedicure treatment but more special with the combination of citrus sugar scrub for exfoliation removal. The next step is the application of the deep hydration mask to make your feet and skin become perfect and bring out the comfortable feelings for you naturally. With the intensive and gentle moisturizer, your dry skin will be cured and nourished specially. The final step will help you enjoy the most blissful moments and truly relax with the use of hot stone together with a pure, essential and fragrant oil and aroma moisturizer.


  • Deluxe Spa Treatment:  

One of the impressive features when you come and experience the Spa Treatment service at Labelle Nail Boutique is the supply of Deluxe Spa Treatment with the additional application of extensive steps. Deluxe Spa Treatment will support the beauty care process which includes the basic steps of the classic, the intensive nourishment and massage of the Spa Treatment, especially more advanced in Deluxe Spa Treatment is the callus treatment and improvement. Normally, callus is the thick and rough patches on you’re a small part of skin, primarily at the edge around the feet skin. Callus is often spread out and larger on the skin surface. It is the most possible for callus to appear on the bony positions such as your toe, your heel or at the bottom of your foot, alongside of your foot. Callus can easily cause the bad effects on the health and beauty of skin. Therefore, you should pay attention to your skin with the removal of callus. At Labelle Nail Boutique, the process of callus treatment is carefully and distinctly implemented with the typical steps of the Classic pedicure, Spa Treatment. The first step is foot soaking for the callus area in the pure and essential liquid within 5-10 minutes to soften the skin. The second step is to wet the pumice stone and lightly move the pumice stone to remove the non-living tissues. The next step is continue using the pumice stone combined with the massage using the callus removal gel while skin on your foot is smooth. Your skin on your feet on which callus is still existing will be softer and smoother naturally. This is one of the extremely effective treatments for removing your callus on your feet rapidly.

  • Ultimate Pedicure Treatment:   

This service package will the wise and great choice for you to experience due to the perfect combination of the above-mentioned service packages. The fundamental steps of the Classic treatment, incorporated with Spa and Deluxe Spa Treatment will care thoroughly for the beauty and health of your feet and fingernails. The special thing of the Ultimate Pedicure Treatment not only focuses on the skincare for your feet but provides the extra attention to your health of muscle and blood circulation as well. The proper application of Paraffin wax treatment, your muscle tension will be released as well as the blood circulation will be increased powerfully throughout your feet. In addition, aromatherapy hot stone massage within more ten minutes will make your feet more comfortable.

  • CBD Cannicure Pedicure Treatment:

CBD is a useful chemical compound which is extracted from the cannabis plant for CBD oil manufacturing. CBD oil is studied about the wonderful effects for the health and beauty of skin when combining with the coconut oil or hemp. CBD is also applied to the pedicure treatment with the full form of CBD hemp-infused fizzer soak ball. The delicious raw cane sugar and honey will make your skin softened and more radiant. After finish this step, you will get the special and completely relax with the over 15 vitamin massage for your skin together with the hemp CBD body butter full-spectrum hemp oil-rich in cannabinoids. Enjoy the pleasant feelings and ease your body when your feet are wrapped gently in the steaming towel. Your blissfulness will be ongoing with the constant hemp body oil massage as well as use of hot stone. This type of treatment both helps your skin more attractive and naturally beautiful and relieve the existing pains, stress, tiredness and muscle tension.

  • Signature Labelle Coconut Milk and Honey Treatment:

This is one of the greatly special service packages which Labelle endows for you to own the magnificent and attractive beauty like a Queen Bee. Firstly, you will be applied to the classic pedicure to sanitize and care the appearance of your feet. It’s wonderful and comfortable for you to get the pedicure treatment with the dripping of the goodness of honey coconut. Let’s start with feet soaking in the exotic nut oil and pure coconut milk to make the deepest layers of the skin become softer and more gleaming. To avoid and improve the aging skin cells and release the pores for cleaning your skin, Labelle also supplies an additional natural raw honey and coconut crystal for the exfoliation. With the dominant advantages, the warm honey-aloe-papaya fruit glaze will nourish deeply your skin. It’s refresh and comfortable for you to get the massage by a hot stone reflexology before wrapping your knees, feet and toenails in a warm towel. The application of a shea butter mask and coconut cream treatment will revitalize radiantly for your feet skin. Finally, an addition of paraffin will support to relax the muscle tension as well as improve the blood circulation throughout your feet.

  • Nail Enhancement Service:

With the careful and enthusiastic care and implementation of the professional staff of technicians at Labelle, you will get the greatly valuable experiences for choice of nail enhancement service. This a various service packages with the special variety of the parts. The first element is builder gel or hard gel. A nail acrylic is alternative with an odour-less gel. Using artificial tip extensions with the hard gel to build strong and natural looking. Labelle provides full set for nail treating, nail filing and shaping of your choice. This is one of the ideal and effective ways can help your nails be more durable and thicker. In addition, you can choose the natural overlay to build the natural strength of your nails. The hard gel application together with natural nails, nail filing and shaping is also in this service.

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