Top Great And Unique Pedicure Ideas For This Summer Season

Summer Pedicure design
Most summer vacation here! Summer not only gives you the opportunity to relax and have fun but also a time when you discover exciting new beauty and fashion trends.
 We’ve already talked about the hottest summer nail trends we’re going to try this season, but in the meantime, don’t forget a beautiful manicure!
 For me, taking care of my toes is essential during the summer months, especially if I’m going to the beach.
 So, if you are looking for cute and trendy Pedi ideas to try this summer, check out this post that will show you the 20  cutest summer nail designs of 2022.


 A super cute and unexpected pedicure design that is perfect for summer is this nano design.  This is a lovely summer pedicure idea and one of my favourites! This will get you in the summer mood and will be perfect for your next beach vacation.

Advice in French

 If you want a more classic pedicure design for the summer,  always go for the French nail trend.
 French tips not only look great on your nails, but they also look great on toenails too! So, if you need simple yet stylish nail art for summer, this is the template for you.


 You must have seen this nail trend before. These are fruit designs on nails! It’s already a very popular nail trend, but that doesn’t mean you can’t try it as a nail design.
 This fruity nail trend also looks cute on the pedicure, as you can see in the photo above.
If you are worried about this nail design looking perfect on your nails, no need to worry because you can buy these nail clippers to make it super easy. (Yes, that’s a thing!)


 Flowers are one of the hottest summer trends in pedicure! So, if you love this pedi look and want to recreate it for the summer, watch this video to see exactly how.
 Although it looks complicated, this is actually a pretty simple nail design that you can totally recreate at home!


Another super cute nail design that would be perfect for summer is the polka dot manicure. What I like about this pedicure design is that it’s also pretty easy to make at home. You just need a good dotting tool and your favourite polish.  So, if you are looking for a great DIY nail design for this summer, check out this video to get a look!
pedicure nail in summer

The most impressive Pedicure designs you can wear in this summer

Smiling face

Another popular nail trend these days is smiley faces. So, if you’re looking for a trendy toe design this summer, we recommend trying this fun and trendy toe design. The great thing about this design is that you can make it yourself or buy these present nails that make your toes so easy!


Whenever you need an edgy look for the summer, you can add rhinestones and sparkles to make the soles stand out.
If you don’t know how to get a glittering toenail look or apply rhinestones to the soles of your feet, this tutorial will show you everything you need to know.

Palm tree

 If you need a summer toenail design, we highly recommend doing a beach design like this palm tree nail look!
This palm tree instep design will make you feel this summer and you can easily do it yourself by just watching this simple tutorial. 9.9. V-shaped French
 If you like French tip nails and want to try something else for your toenail design, consider the French tip Vshape design instead.
 This type of French tip has become very popular these days and is a great way to change the look of your nails.
 Watch this video tutorial to see how to pull off the look at home.

Turquoise Black & Gold

Summery toenail designs should also use summery nail colours such as turquoise. If you have never tried turquoise on your nails, you will definitely love the colour of this nail. It looks great on nails, especially toenails! And there are many different types of designs that you can try with this colour.
For example, this turquoise, black and gold design looks very cute and unique. Perfect for the summer season.


If you like the trend of fruit nails, try this adorable watermelon nail design too! This is another toenail design that’s perfect for summer and is a fun way to make your nails stand out.

 Marble toes

 Marble nails are always popular, especially with fingernails, but you may not have tried this nail look on your toes!
The marbled design is so cute on the soles of the feet that I highly recommend trying this design in the summer of 2022. You can recreate the marble look yourself or buy these pretty blue and white Presson ankles from Amazon.
nice pedicure

You can try the magnificent and attractive toenail designs to choose the right Pedicure styles in the summer

Cherry Blossoms

Another cool summer toenail design is the look of this cherry toenail. You may not have seen this look before. It’s a great way to try out a unique look on your toes this summer.  To see exactly how the soles of your feet look like this, check out all the details in this video tutorial.


One of my favourite summer soles looks is definitely tie-dye! Tie-dye nails will make you feel like summer and you will surely get a lot of compliments.
If you want to find colourful tie-dye toes this summer,  buy these cute iridescent tie-dye toenails and have a look in minutes!


Of course, summer nails are an easier route, and you can also use a solid colour on your toes. This makes your toes very easy and gives you a simple yet beautiful nail look, especially when using this light pink-like colour. If you want to look for nails this summer, choose your favourite summer manicure or buy these Presson toenails.

Pink leopard

Another cute nail design to consider on your toes this summer is animal print. Animal prints are very popular in modern nail designs.
So if you like this trend, you can get the most out of it with this summer’s cute toenail design! For example, this pink leopard print instep design is very adorable, and this tutorial will show you exactly how to get it.


The neon colour is also perfect for summer! The colour of neon nail polish gives you a summer feel. So, if you’ve been waiting for the perfect time to try those fun bright neon colours you love on your nails, now’s the right time. As shown in this video tutorial, you can also paint your nails with neon colours or use neon nail polish colours to create beautiful toenail designs. Add rhinestones to make this look overkill.

 Colourful french tips

Another currently popular nail trend is the colourful French hints. This is also one of my favourite trends as someone who loves the look of French racing and likes to branch off a bit in the summer months. This type of French tip design not only looks great on your fingernails but it is highly recommended to try it on your toes to create a colourful toe design for the summer.


If you’re looking for a girly nail design for your toenails this summer, try this popular heart nail trend.  I personally love this nail trend. Because it looks great in almost all colours, especially when you try it on your toenails, it’s totally unexpected. If you enjoy making your own ankles, you can make this look yourself, or you can buy these adorable pink and red Presson toes.


You may not have seen this toenail before, but I think it’s definitely perfect for the summer. It is a fishnet nail design!
This nail design creates a fun mermaid-inspired design that’s perfect for a summer vacation on the beach.
 So, if you’re interested in trying out this summer’s look, check out this tutorial to see how to do it at home.

pedicure design

The most beautiful Pedicure designs you can get in this summer


The squash is just behind the real orange candy orange, keeping the juicy shades down without giving in to the delicacy. It somehow feels as sophisticated as nude or neutral shades, but check out all the whimsical and chic boxes.
Wet’n’Wild Fast Dry AF Shade Potassium Rich ($ 4) offers this unexpected colour in ultra-fast drying times, so if you find your favourite sandals, you can show off your stylish toes. Butter London’s pop orange ($ 18) sounds bright, but it’s actually on the soft side of the pumpkin, providing creaminess that enhances the pastel perception without much fading.

Smoky purple

If you’re looking for something dark like black, but don’t feel the rigours too much, reach for a shade like smoky purple. All the depth and drama are still there, but your toes don’t look Gothic.
The brand’s Dream Collection Ella + Miraz Night Inn ($ 11) is surprisingly versatile for pedicures due to its softness not often found in very dark colours. Jenson’s Shadow Dandy ($ 18) uses a lot of cool greys to provide a mysterious Je Missisquoi with an even smoky purple shade. Which of these summery toenail designs do you like the most? What design do you want to wear on your toes? Which design do you think is perfect for summer?
We’ve covered the most magnificent pedicure designs you can get in this summer to have a perfect look. Let’s choose the right template you love and try it at once!

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