The Easy Way To Get French Gel Manicure At Home

french gel manicure
If you are thinking of how to do a French manicure at home, you have landed on the right page. I agree that it’s difficult, but it’s not impossible. Our nails need the same care as our skin. But we don’t always have time to rush to the salon and ruin it. That’s why we are here to share a step-by-step guide to help you  keep your fingernails healthy and clean.
This process will not only save you the cost of going to the salon but also have more time for other productive activities throughout the day. Want to know the details of the French manicure procedure? Scroll down!

How to do french manicures at home

 If you’re new to nail art, here’s what you need to know. The classic French manicure usually consists of a pale pink base and a shiny white tip. It is sophisticated and classy, ​​and will never go out of style. Let’s start with the tutorial!
 What do you need
 A bowl of warm water
 A bath towel
 background layer
 white nail polish
 Baby soft pink nail polish
 Top coating
 Step by step instructions
 Prepare your nails
 Pour warm water into the bowl and soak your hands for about a minute. This helps to remove all the oil and dry skin and helps your nails last longer. Apply a base layer
 When the nails are dry, you need to apply a base coat. This step is really important when doing a French manicure because your natural nails will be exposed and you want everything to look smooth. Let dry before moving on to the next step.

 Give your advice

Use white nail polish for your tips. Place your finger on a flat surface, tilt to the side, push the brush where you want your French tip to start, then pull it out. Don’t worry about connecting it to the other side because the criss-cross method will take care of that. Place the brush on the other side and repeat exactly what you did first. This will create a smooth, even line. Wipe off excess polish with a Qtip and let nails dry.  OverTop nail polish
Choose a light pink nail polish and paint it on your nails. This shade will blend all the colors and make your nails much more natural.

french manicure

How to get a French Gel Manicure at home

Apply a topcoat

For painting and manicure, apply a clear coat of nail polish. Once dry, add cuticle oil for hydration.
This is what your manicure will look like in the end! Isn’t it beautiful? Do-it-yourself reverse French manicure
Reverse  French manicure is one of the hottest nail trends in the world! It’s just a matter of drawing the circular moon shape of your nail bed in shades that contrast with the rest of your nails. It’s very easy and doesn’t take much time. what is required
Light manicure
Dark nail polish
 Step-by-step description
Apply the base coat
Start by applying a thin coat of clear primer. This makes it easier for the nail polish to adhere to your nails. It also prevents discoloration of nails and peeling of nail polish. Apply the first nail color
Get your favorite manicure, from metallic to transparent. Apply a nice, thin layer of it to your nails. Make it attractive
 It’s time to enter your second color. Use a small amount of polish and apply with a slight shake to fit the shape of the cuticle. Instead of getting down to the nail bed, leave a small space where the first color is displayed. Apply top coat
To seal the nail polish, apply a top coat to ensure it lasts longer without chipping or peeling. How to do a French manicure with tape-Tutorial for beginners
 Duct tape (or regular duct tape) is useful if you are a beginner and need a little help to achieve a salon-quality French manicure. what is required
 Translucent pink base coat tape
White nail polish
 Step-by-step description
 Apply base coat
 Apply the base nail polish once. You can use pink or nude/tan colors if you like. Apply a  coat of the desired shade to all nails and let it dry.  Cut off a strip of tape
 If you’re clumsy and no matter how hard you try, this hack can save you a lot of time and effort. Cut off a strip of tape, cover your nails and leave only the tip exposed-where the white nail polish goes. Apply white polish.  Follow this procedure for each nail. Remove the tape
Then carefully remove the tape from your nails. Do not pull hard. Pulling will ruin the base.
Apply top coat
All you need is a gel finish topcoat to finish!
DIY French manicure with a rubber band
 Whenever you run out of equipment such as duct tape or a band-aid, you can always use a rubber band to get the perfect French hint. Follow these instructions to find out how!
french gel nails

What should you do to get a perfect French gel manicure at home?

What is required

Rubber band
White nail polish
Step-by-step description
Apply base coat
Start by applying a base coat you can use a translucent pink or tan color. Apply a thin layer and let it dry. Hint time
Twist the rubber band and wrap it around your nails, leaving a small gap at the top where the white nail polish enters. Make a hint
 Gently apply white nail polish to the tip. The elasticity makes it much easier to evenly align the tips.  Pull out the rubber band
 Before removing the rubber band, make sure the polish is completely dry. Lift while pulling up.
 Apply top coat
 End with a layer of top coat to seal the nail polish!

DIY gel french manicure

You can get your own salon-quality French manicure at home by purchasing your own Gel French Manicure Kit from Gelish. You will also need an LED light to cure the polish. what is required
 Nail buffer
 Gel foundation gel
 White gel nail polish
 Gel-like top coat
 Lint-free alcohol wipe
 LED lamp
 Step-by-step description
 Prepare your nails
 Start by brushing your nails before applying nail polish. After that, wipe them off with a lint-free alcohol wipe. This eliminates the grainy texture and smoothes the nails. This procedure also improves the connection. Apply foundation
Apply a thin layer of Gel Nail Polish and let the LED light cure the polish for 30 seconds. Make a hint
Next, apply the white gel nail polish to the tip by moving it from side to side at once. Also, be sure to cover the tip with polish to prevent chipping. You can use guide strips and tapes to get the perfect hint. Once this is done, cure the polish for another 30 seconds.
Apply top coat
When the hint is complete, finish it with a  gel top coat and cure it with an LED lamp.
Tips and notes: How to make French manicure last longer
how to get french gel nails

How does making a French gel manicure last longer?

I’ve made every effort to give myself a French manicure at home and I want to make sure it continues. Here are some tips and tricks to help ensure that your wonderful manicure lasts to  the end of the time:
Wipe your nails with a cotton swab and white vinegar (or rubbing alcohol) before applying the base coat. This helps remove the buildup of natural oils and products that can form a barrier between the nails and the nail polish. Arranging your nails to resemble the shape of a cuticle reduces the chance of your nails breaking. When applying polish, be sure to apply a thin coat. It is also important to wait for the first coat to dry completely before applying the second coat. If you want to prevent stains and chips on your nail polish, we recommend applying a clear, thin topcoat to your nails every other day. This also makes them look shiny. When washing dishes, immediately dry your hands with gloves and towels, rather than air-drying them. Be careful not to polish the cuticle. This will bring out the color of your nails and cause them to come off or chip. Do not shake the lacquer bottle up and down. Instead, roll it between your hands to remove air bubbles. Do not take too long to apply the topcoat as it works more efficiently when applied over nearly dry nail polish. The topcoat penetrates from the polish and blends well with the base.
Removal of gel manicure:
 Your nail plate is living tissue, so you need to be careful when applying or removing nail polish. Do not actively rub or peel them off. It can be carefully removed with aluminum foil, acetone, cotton wool, and a nail file.
 To get rid of a French gel manicure at home, follow these steps:
 Take an acetone bottle and pour it into a standard amount of glass bowl. Gently crush the top layer of the nail using a grit file, preferably a light grit file. Next, soak your nails in acetone for about three and a half minutes.  You can see that the color of the nails is jelly-like. Gently scrape your nails off with a  cuticle pusher.  After removing the substance completely, remove the cotton pad or ball and polish your nails. Finally, apply nail cream to restore the moisture in your nails. Alternatively, you can go to a qualified nail salon. It should cost you about $ 10 to $ 20. Leave yourself to some professional grooming to bring some relief to your nails.
Our nails deserve attention and care, and a regular manicure is the best way to keep your nails healthy. French manicure is preferred by many because of the results it provides. You can easily do it at home. However, how to do a French manicure correctly is a problem for many. A good top coat, base coat, and shades of your choice give the look of salon-like nail polish. You can try  French manicures at home by following the tutorial and enjoying healthy fingernails.

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