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How Does Gel Manicure Last?

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Getting a new set of nails is one of the best feelings for beauty lovers. There’s nothing like sitting on a chair, choosing your colour and being pampered a little. Of course, on the other hand, there’s that not-so-great feeling when your nails get chipped after a regular manicure and you know you have to go get them redone. But, you ask, how long does gel polish last?
Looking for a manicure that will last through the holidays, busy work weeks, and days filled with hands-on projects? It’s time to consider a gel manicure. But before you do, there are a few things you need to know first. To help you polish things up with gel, keep scrolling for expert tips on taking and maintaining gel nail polish.

What is a gel manicure?

A gel manicure follows most of the same steps as your traditional manicure – your nails are trimmed and shaped, cuticles trimmed (if desired), but that’s where it ends. end the similarities. Gel nail polish is painted like a classic lacquer. However, it is treated with  UV or LED lights to help lock  in place for long-term use. Each coat of gel polish needs to be cured for about 30-60 seconds each time. And instead of waiting for your nails to dry, be ready to leave the salon as soon as the last coat is dry. And as a bonus, “gel nail polish has better abrasion resistance,” says Gibson Tuttle. “They also stay shiny for the duration of the manicure.”
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Everything you should know about gel manicure

How long does a gel manicure last?

Gel nails can last 2-3 weeks without chipping, chipping or peeling.
Now, the exact lifespan of your gel nails will vary greatly between individuals. Lifespan will vary depending on:
How well do you take care of your gel nails? If they have been properly applied using the proper manicure preparation. The environment  your gel nails come into contact with. Oiliness of natural nails. How long do gel nails last?
 Gel nail extensions are made of hard gel that can last from 3-4 weeks. Hard gels are the most common form of gel used for gel nails.
 Now Soft Gel aka Absorbent Gel can be kept for 2-3 weeks.  Hard gel is more durable and cannot be removed using acetone, it must be ground down instead. While soft gels are not as hard as hard gels, they are easier to remove with acetone.
There are many tips for extending the life of gel nails at home. Your gel nails will last as long as possible with the following suggestions:

Gel nails  require  maintenance

 The myth that gel polish cannot be destroyed needs to be removed. Daily household chores, gardening, exposure to chemical cleaners, and daily activities can dull the glow and damage your nails. Gel polish is tough, but apart from completely abandoning all kinds of household chores, we advise investing in a good pair of rubber gloves. Even with the hardest gel, the nails remain porous and the color can lose some of its strength.
 Take care of your nails and hands
 Gel polish can make you feel relaxed about your nail health and give you a false sense of security. It is important to remember that  gel polish nails require  daily maintenance. The best way to trim your nails and prolong the “freshly polished” finish is to treat the cuticles regularly with the right oil. The dried and hardened cuticle quickly spoils the appearance of the nail polish. It is recommended to moisturize the cuticle twice a day, especially before going to bed. We also recommend using a high-quality moisturizer for the rest of your hands.

Avoid hot water

 Avoid bathing or showering while polishing, as hot water can lift and separate the gel.
 Try to fix chips and obstacles right away
 The best solution to sustaining a perfect gel nail polish is immediately repairing broken nails. It’s always a good idea to carry a small can of nail glue in your wallet. At some point, the paint will inevitably come off a little and start to come off easily. Take prompt action to prevent the nail polish from coming to off. Do not damage the gel polish, as whatever happens can cause serious damage to your nails. Instead,  apply the glue gently and hold the gel in place until it is completely glued. If you want the gel polish to last as long as possible, choose a lighter shade
Halo offers a variety of gel nail colours, so choosing a shade is always the hardest decision! Light shades are always the easiest to clean. There is less catching, and defects are less noticeable. Apply a topcoat every few days to keep the gel in place and prevent the nail polish from chipping or peeling off.
Another very effective trick is to add a layer of glitter polish to hide the exposed regrowth.

How to get rid of gel polish

It takes a little longer than regular nail polish, but gel polish is easy to remove. It is necessary to use a solvent containing acetone. Soak a small cotton ball in the liquid and place it on each nail for about 10 minutes. Then use a small spatula to scrape off the material gently. Halo removes gel nails quickly and professionally.  How long do I have to wait for the next gel nail polish to be applied?
 Gellack looks so beautiful that you’ll soon wonder if it’s time to make another appointment at the salon. However, it is advisable to take a break every few months for at least a week to prevent yellowing and damage to the nail bed.
 Ultimately, preparation is the key to long-lasting gel polish. Manicure your nails and ensure they are in the best possible condition, so they look beautiful for a couple of weeks or more. Tips for making gel nails last longer
 Most of these tips apply to gel nails made from either gel polish or the gel used to create nail extensions.

Prepare the cuticle properly

 The cuticle is the area of ​​skin behind the nail that needs to be pushed back and aligned before applying the gel polish. Otherwise, the gel nails will tend to pop up.
 You can see that the gel and gel polish are made to stick to the nail plate. When it rests on the cuticle instead of a natural nail, it easily peels off and lifts off.
 For this reason, it is important that you or your nail technician prepare the cuticle before applying the gel polish. To prepare the cuticle, you need to use the cuticle pusher to push the cuticle back and straighten it.
Brush your natural nails
 Once the cuticle has been processed, the next step is to buff the nail with a medium grit nail file.  Buffing helps the gel or gel polish bond to the nail plate and makes them last longer. Brushing your nails can help you:
Roughen the surface of the nail so that the gel adheres well to the nail. The gel surface will not hold firmly if the nail plate is too smooth. Get rid of dead nail cuticles-Nail cuticles can prevent the gel from binding directly to the nail plate. Remove the shine from your natural nails: The natural shine of your nails makes it difficult for the gel to adhere, which is why it must be removed.

Clean your nails before use

The final step in preparing your nails is to clean them. To clean it, it is recommended to wipe your nails with a cotton pad soaked in either rubbing alcohol or acetone.
This removes natural nail dust, dirt and oils and allows the gel to adhere firmly to the nail plate.

Use nail primer and dryer

Nail primers and dehydrators are optional, but if you want your gel nails to be very durable and long-lasting, we highly recommend using them.  They are different types of nail primers, some of which work by making fine holes in your nails and letting the gel adhere to your nails. Some act as glues, but they bind the gel to the nails.

If you want to use it now, you need to apply the nail dehydrator first and then the nail primer.  Use gel base coat and Gel top coat

Both gel base and gel top coat are essential for a gel manicure. As you can see, Gel Nail Polish and Gel Extensions are designed to work with gel base and top coats.
 The gel base coat ensures that the gel polish adheres better to the nail plate. They do this by firmly adhering to your nails and then creating a sticky layer for your gel to stick together.
 The gel top coat creates a hard, shiny protective layer on top of the gel nail polish to protect it from easy damage. If you are looking for a great gel base and topcoat right now, I highly recommend Gelish. They are one of the best and work with any brand of gel polish or gel. Moisturize gel nails
 It is important to keep the gel manicure moisturized. Otherwise, it may dry out and lead to flaking. The best way to hydrate the gel is to use  cuticle oil. This keeps the manicure in good condition and the cuticle and natural nails strong and healthy.
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A complete guide you should get for a perfect gel manicure

 We strongly recommend using a cuticle oil stick to moisturize your nails on the go.  Cure gel nails properly
 One of the biggest mistakes you can make when working with gels is not to cure them sufficiently.
 If the gel polish or gel does not harden well, it will be hard on the outside and soft on the inside. This means that they can easily be damaged. To prevent the gel nails from hardening, we recommend the following:
 Follow the instructions on the gel-It is important to read and follow the instructions that came with the gel polish or gel. If the instructions say it needs to cure for 60 seconds, then it must cure for 60 seconds.
Now, if you want to be especially careful, we recommend curing for a little longer.
Allow 10 seconds for the gel to cure completely.
Use a good nail lamp-If you have a very old nail lamp that is weak, or if you have low wattage and a weak nail lamp, it is advisable to buy a new, stronger nail lamp. increase.
 We recommend using a lamp of 48 watts or more if you need a good nail lamp. It is powerful enough to cure all types of gels quickly. Apply gel manicure to a thin layer
 Gel nail polish should not be applied to thick layers; you must use some thin layers.
  You can see that the thin layer easily transmits UV light and cures the gel polish. Thick layers are more difficult to cure because UV light cannot penetrate easily.
 Also, thick coats tend to build up the gloss and become uneven. Trim free edges
 The free edge is the edge of the nail and is one of the areas that are prone to lift and peel off.
 For this reason, it is recommended to apply gel polish and seal it so that it will not come off. Wear gloves if your nails are exposed to harsh conditions
 Under certain conditions, gel nail polish wear tends to increase. This can damage the gel nail polish and cause it to lift or fall off prematurely. One of the easiest ways to prevent gel nail damage is to wear gloves to prevent exposure.
 Gloves must be worn in the following cases:
 Wash or rinse – Detergents such as bleach and strong soap can wear off your nails over time.
 Gardening-Pesticides and other powerful chemicals can damage gel nails. Wash Meat – Vinegar can also damage gel nail polish, commonly used to wash meat. Colouring Hair-The dyes used to colour hair can discolour gel nail polish
 Do not expose gel nails to high temperatures
 Constant exposure to heat can damage the gel nail polish. Therefore, do not take a hot bath or expose the gel nails to heat while cooking. Gel manicures can last for more than 2 weeks, but if IDK cares about nails, it should be removed professionally after 14 days. In the meantime, have cuticle oil, files and a top coat to keep your nails in top shape throughout the life of your nail polish.

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