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Everything You should Know About Types Of Manicure

Manicure gives you a great range of options for your manicure. It can be like sitting in front of a menu at your favourite restaurant, choosing the great combination you will have today. But it can also be a bit confusing! There are so many different styles of manicures that you can find it difficult to narrow down your choices.
 It’s quite easy to choose between different types of manicure and pedicure when you consider the amount of time you have, the level of care you want, your budget, and whether or not you do your nails daily. . or for a special occasion.  What are the different types of nails? The main nail types you will encounter are basic, acrylic, gel (including Shellac), french, and dip powder. We’ll explain each requirement and why you might choose them.

Basic manicure

What is a basic manicure?  A basic or standard manicure is a traditional manicure that you may be familiar with. Here your nails are cut, shaped, and polished. Cuticle oil is applied, and the cuticle is also administered. You can usually enjoy a wonderfully relaxing hand massage. Finally, a standard coat of nail polish is applied.
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Everything you should know about manicures

Benefits of a basic manicure

A basic manicure is a great, affordable, and relatively quick treatment that will leave you with shiny and vibrant nails. The gloss finish is easy to remove at home.
Disadvantages of a basic manicure
 With a basic manicure, nail polish will peel off pretty quickly. Glossy finishes can also tarnish over time.
What is  French Manicure? The French manicure was hugely popular in the early 2000s, making a comeback because of its straightforward simplicity. This classic nail set leaves you with a sheer tone finished with brilliant white nail polish tips. Benefits of  French manicure
The classic look can be achieved with traditional gel or polish, so the choice is yours. This look is great for lengthening your fingers and pairs beautifully with any outfit you wear. You benefit from all the essentials of a basic manicure.
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Manicure gives you great benefits

Benefits of  French manicure

If you choose a traditional polish, it will tend to peel off. Your final look depends on the shape and strength of your natural nails.
Gel manicure (Shellac)
What is Gel or Shellac manicure?  Shellac is the original brand of gel nail polish. It applies similarly to varnish but is stronger and more versatile. You can still enjoy all the styling and nail care elements of a basic manicure, but instead of the traditional polish, Shellac gel is used. It is quickly hardened under a special lamp. Learn more about gel nails in one of our magazine articles.
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Gel manicure is popular to wear and gets an elegant look

Benefits of the gel manicure

High-strength gel nail polish. It won’t peel off like a traditional polish and won’t lose its shine as quickly, if at all. You can expect them to look just as good after a few weeks as when you made them. There is a huge selection of colours available, and they are intense.

Disadvantages of a gel manicure

Gel manicure is a bit more expensive than basic but offers excellent value for money. Gel or shellac removal can be trickier to avoid damaging the nail. You should have a professional remove them. Follow the instructions on removing gel nails at home if you need to. Using a gel has a slightly higher risk of damaging the nail than a polish.

 Acrylic manicure

 What is an acrylic manicure?  First, let’s explain what exactly acrylic nails are. Manicurists mix liquids (monomers) and powders (polymers) and create a solid coating or nail enhancement on your nails. They can come in traditional nail shapes, but they can also come in all shapes, depending on your technician’s skill and creativity. In addition to benefiting from the standard elements of a manicure,  acrylic nails are set and polished, often using nail art. Acrylic nails are also ready to use. This is what most people think of when they talk about fake nails.

 Benefits of  acrylic manicure

 With acrylic nails, you can have a great nail shape no matter what your actual nail shape is. They can add length and provide a great canvas for great artwork for skilled creative nail technicians.

 Disadvantages of an acrylic nail

 Acrylic nails tend to peel off with daily use. New nail growth around the acrylic base can also be quite noticeable after a few weeks. They can also be quite expensive. You should have more space between applications than any other type of manicure.

Powder manicure

What is Dipping Powder Manicure? Again, you get all the traditional elements of a manicure. Then, a layer of glue is applied before your nails are dipped in the pigment. No drying or curing time is required.

Benefits of  powder manicure

You don’t have to wait while the powder nails are cured under UV light. You can generally expect the salon look to last a bit longer than gel nails.

Disadvantages of  powder manicure

 Some people love the softness of a gel manicure. The texture of dipping dough is a bit different; some people don’t like that. Thin nails can be a long-term concern. Because the bonding process is similar to acrylic, it’s best to let your nails rest between manicures.
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You can choose manicure type suitable for your style

Basic manicure

If this is your first time, it’s better to be easy and fun. A basic manicure is simple and the best way to know what to expect during the manicure. It’s quick and easy. You can easily change it up if you get bored in a few days. French manicure
 It is very stylish. It is style. A classic French manicure can never let you down. Layers of white crescent-shaped nail polish around the edges keep your nails looking clean. And today, fashionable divas are constantly experimenting with this classic manicure. So you’ll see a lot of variety in color and trim options. reverse french manicure
 The reverse French manicure is an original and elegant version of the classic French manicure. Unlike the latter, this one has a crescent moon painted in a darker shade at the base of your nail, closer to the cuticle. It’s simple and elegant, and you can easily do it at home.

Paraffin manicure

If you have rough and dry hands,  a paraffin manicure is the best way to take care of them. Manicure is like a specialized spa treatment for your hands. This is a  hand stimulant massage with oils. At the end of the intervention, you will be surprised by the softness of your hands. American manicure
 The American manicure is similar to the French but slightly different. Here, your nails get a more natural and blended look. Even the shape of the nails you get is different in this set of nails. It’s an elegant style and a must-have for those who prefer a neutral look with chic manicured nails.

Nail Gel

A gel manicure lasts a long time. If you are looking for low maintenance but still a stylish nail option, this is what you should go for. Gel manicure does not require frequent visits to the salon for manicures. It simply uses a special nail polish cured under UV light for a lasting effect.

Manicure mirror

Mirrored nails have taken social media by storm. It’s a trend that first hit social media, and millennials have been enamored with it. If you like showing your inner beauty through nails, choose it.

Acrylic manicure

No long nails? Then acrylic manicure is your solution. It uses powdered polymer and liquid monomer to form a hard acrylic nail layer on your nails. This is the final nail extension disguised as your original nail. It’s best to have a manicurist at a good salon do it.
Simple manicure focuses on nail cleaning and molding. You can expect a manicurist to trim, sand, shape, and polish your nails. They also clip and push your cuticle back. Then get a light hand massage. Most manicures start with these steps to prepare the nails before painting. A simple manicure is also known as a standard and natural nail manicure. Simple manicures are usually finished with a manicure at the end, but if you don’t need a manicure, you can skip this step. This nail polish is suitable if you want to fix it quickly or change colors frequently.
 Basic manicures range from $ 20 to $ 40. The price of these and other manicures depends on whether you need a salon, location,  nail art, or additional services.
 A basic manicure reservation usually lasts 30-45 minutes. Reservation times for all manicures depend on the skills, techniques, and additional services offered by the nail designer.

How long does it take

A simple manicure can last up to 7 days. If your hands and nails are clean, you can keep simple nail polish for a long time with other nail polishes. Healthy and moisturized nails are also important for a long-lasting manicure. How it affects your nails
Manicure with regular varnish does not harm your nails. Easy to remove with nail polish remover. Regular nail polish tends to lack itself and can be easily removed.
For manicures, do not pick or peel. This is your one-way ticket to hurt your natural nails. Instead, follow the manicurist’s instructions to remove it. Need a safer way? Go back to the salon and delete it.
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How long does a manicure last?

How to Remove

Polishing from plain nail polish is easiest to remove. You can use regular nail polish remover to remove it using several different methods. The first is the dipping method. You can take a cotton ball, tear it into strips, or use a cotton pad. Apply nail polish remover to cotton and stick it on your nails. Remove the strip after about 1 minute. This dipping method is similar to any other method required for a more permanent manicure. Applying the remover to your nails is less abrasive than dipping your finger in the bowl remover. Regardless of how you soak, you should wash your hands and moisturize your hands and nails.
 The second method uses pressure and a small amount of elbow grease. Apply nail polish remover to a cotton ball or pad. Then press it against your nails for a few seconds to disassemble the nail polish. Start rubbing your nails to remove the polish. This method works well for regular nail polishes but is not strong enough for long-lasting nail polishes.

Shellac manicure

Is it a hassle to take care of your nails regularly? If so, a shellac manicure is very convenient for you. Shellac manicure, a mixture of gel and regular nail polish,  is known for its durability. In other words, the possibility of chipping is reduced.

Vinilax Manicure

This process performs basic manicure steps. Manicure paints nails with Vinylux nail color. These are available in a variety of shades. This nail polish does not easily chip, so no base coat is needed. Apply twice and then finish with a special top coat.
 If desired, you can further decorate your nails with stones or stickers. These look pretty. Manicure is the preferred way to pamper your hands, but it can also carry some risks. There are a few things to keep in mind to avoid danger.

 Tips for preventing manicure accidents

 The risk of nail injuries and infections during manicures is very high. Excessive pressure on the cuticle when cutting can damage the skin. Therefore, it is important to go to an experienced manicure salon. Make sure you are using a sterilizer. And check the cleanliness they maintain in the salon.  Make sure the salon you visit has a basic footbath. Motorized footbaths are a bit difficult to clean, so there is a risk of infection. You can also get and wear nail gear while visiting the salon. If it is not portable, clean and sterilize the device before using it by a nail technician or technician. Nail technicians should wash and sterilize their hands before a manicure.
Manicure is a great way to experiment with different nail styles and colours. Choose from a wide variety of manicures to suit your taste. If you are new to manicuring, enjoy it easily and effortlessly. For those who want a little spice, a French manicure is recommended. French manicure looks chic with white and refreshing crescent claws. If you want to go one step further, you can always opt for colourful and durable shellac or vinyl as a nail manicure. Ensure your nail equipment is sterile before use to avoid the risk of infection.

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