The Story Of Nail Wokrers In Poway

The Story Of Nail Wokrers In Poway. In the difficult economic times, the nail profession brought to the Vietnamese community a new wind, is a profession to help Vietnamese people “eradicate hunger and reduce poverty” right in the US land, when the proportion of Vietnamese people graduated from university. 23.6%, graduate is 7%, lower than Asians in America.

Lifesaver Nail Wokrers In Poway for Vietnamese in America

Ms. Nga settled in the US for more than 4 years. At Ben Tre, she worked for an Agriculture Bank, her job was stable, she started to work in the nail industry, due to limited English proficiency, she did not work as a firm, a workshop (company) should be employed. nail seems very suitable.

She confided: “In the old days, when writing in Vietnam, I could only hold my nails and get this and lose that.”

She came to the job quite hard. She had to go to school to get a nail diploma from the United States. She saw the newspaper found the large nail salons in the cold state recruited people with high salaries, quickly call for job. After that, fly more than 10 hours to arrive. New work, new joy but hundreds of things to worry about, from renting to going back.

At the shop, there are 3 sisters working together. So they decided to buy the old 2003 Camry car of the shop owner for $ 500 (this car is very cheap in the US because it is outdated and almost covered, if it is closed It costs USD 2,000 more to make your feet walk. All three sisters drove, shared gas money, went home to cook together. Because it is a cold state, the weather is very harsh. In winter, when it is snowing, the room must be equipped with a “snuff” machine for heating and softening electricity. However, a very toxic “inhaler” is easy to cause nosebleeds caused by Vietnamese people. accustomed to living in the tropics. Many nail workers cross the cold state for about 3 months without being able to chill and return to Cali to do other jobs.

Nail Wokrers In Poway Go Into Stable Orbit

  • On average, a set of nails is priced at 35 USD, but due to the competition of each other.
  • The price gradually decreases to 25 USD, now only 15-20 USD. Each week, nail workers earn $ 1,100-1,600.
  • However, they must compete fiercely between workers and workers.
  • Most nail salon owners are native to the Southwest region, so Western style covers the salons.
  • First of all, it is about to rewind, if on the second day of the first, the third is the last.
  • Every day, the last time, no customers asked is that day “remote” always, the salary reduced but the tip (bo) did not exist. In salons, nail workers often use the word “numb”, if the tip of the US customers will know.
  • Meet VIP guests if nail technicians are good at English, good skills, the tip is very good.
  • If any store has a lot of close customers, the owner as well as the businessmen prosper.
  • Because this job picks up money so nail salons grow like mushrooms after rain, many shops are close to competing for guests who have fought on a Facebook battle.

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Nail Wokrers In Poway Can Get VIP Guests If Nail Technicians Are Good At English

  • Ms. Thuy (originally from Vung Tau, who is more than 50 years old, has a grandchild, has been a nail worker for a long time) said: “Every week, I earn $ 1,100, I am happy, and have money sent to Vietnam to raise my grandson” .
  • She does not compete with anyone, she always tries to work around. I don’t want to wear a brand name because so the guests think I’m too rich to get a little. Nail care for her is a stable, serious job.
  • And Tuan, a Vietnamese student studying in the US, has been working for a nail salon for 3 months now, he is very diligent, not only does nail painting work, but other odd jobs in his shop should be taken care of. love
  • Tuan said: “I study computer engineer so this job is to do more, but it will stick with me all the time I am studying in the US. Nail care will help me to reach out further in learning, lessening the burden from the family in Binh Duong ”.

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The Story Of Nail Wokrers In Poway Part 2 Will Coming Soon.

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