Is It Safe To Get Pedicure While Pregnancy

A pedicure is a popular way to show your love for yourself, and this beauty service is growing in popularity. He said that demand for nail technicians is estimated to grow by 10% between 2016 and 2028, proving that good nails are important to many people.
Aside from the fact that your toes and feet look (and feel) much better than before, there are many benefits to getting a pedicure has to be en found to increase circulation and promote mental health. But it’s normal to have safety concerns about working with your hands and toes while you’re expecting.
Below, we look at the risks associated with getting a pedicure while pregnant and what you can do to protect yourself.
Many precautions must be taken during pregnancy, and certain beauty routines, such as applying Botox, must wait until after childbirth, but a pedicure is not one of them. Nothing wrong with that, but there are some caveats.
First, make sure your salon follows sterilization and hygiene protocols. You can also ask them to push the cuticle back without cutting through BabyCenter to avoid infection.
Then choose your manicure wisely and let the salon know you’re pregnant. Formaldehyde is found in certain nail polishes and has been linked to miscarriage and cancer via the CDC. Ask a technician about natural ingredient manicures, or bring your own.
Additionally, many nail polishes have very strong odors, which can cause headaches and nausea, especially in early pregnancy. Regular exposure to strong-smelling chemicals will help but check with your salon to see if your pedicure can be done near fresh air, such as through an open window or door.

Is a pedicure safe during pregnancy?

For the most part, getting a manicure or pedicure while pregnant is usually perfectly safe. However, most nail designers have no rules against working with pregnant women. However, keep in mind that hormonal fluctuations associated with pregnancy can change your nails. The Baby Center explains that some women’s nails get stronger faster during pregnancy, while others have weaker and more brittle nails than normal.
It’s a good rule of thumb to let your nail artist know the health of your nails before starting a pedicure or manicure.
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Is the pedicure safe for pregnant women?

Risks of Pedicure During Pregnancy

Many of the risks associated with pregnancy are the same for pregnant and non-pregnant women. However, pregnancy can increase certain side effects.

Dangerous smoke

Nail polish fumes can be overwhelming for many, but they can be even worse during pregnancy, especially if you suffer from nausea or have recently become sensitive to smells. , there are things you can do to keep smoke from bothering you. This is explained below.

Risk of infection

One of the biggest risks associated with nail polish is the risk of infection. This can happen in a number of ways while manicuring your toenails.
The Huffington Post warns nail artists not to turn on bubbles in foot spas, as hot tubs can be breeding grounds for bacteria and fungi. This can lead to infections such as athlete’s foot and warts, especially if you have cuts on your feet. Infection can also occur if the nail artist cuts the nails too short, causing the skin to open and bleed.
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Risks of Pedicure for pregnant women

Pedicure safety tips

Follow these tips to make your pregnancy pedicure as safe as possible.


Make sure the area is well-ventilated to prevent illness from nail polish fumes.
Many salons use table fans to blow the smoke away from their customers and nail technicians. But if the smell is too strong, don’t hesitate to ask if you can open the door or window. Plus, you can go outside whenever you feel dizzy and get some fresh air. Wearing a mask during a pedicure is also wise. This will also help prevent smoke from irritating you.

Choose your nail polish wisely

Not all nail polishes are created equal. Small amounts of nail polishes are safe for pregnant women, but some contain ingredients that can adversely affect childbirth.
For example, formaldehyde increases the risk of miscarriage in salon workers, and toluene causes headaches and nausea. It is known that
Read our complete guide for more information on choosing the right manicure during pregnancy.

Sanitization is key

Be careful how the nail artist sanitizes the room. The more precautions you take, the safer you will be.
Don’t be afraid to ask about sanitization methods before booking. If something doesn’t suit you, speak up.
To avoid the risk of infection from foot baths, look for salons that use tubeless foot baths or bath pads that prevent cross-infection between clients.
Salons should also sanitize their tools after each client. You can soak your tools in a liquid disinfectant or use a UV light to kill potential bacteria.

Dry your feet

After soaking in the foot bath, ensure your feet are completely dry before proceeding to the next step. This includes drying between your toes. Otherwise, it’s a great place for fungi and bacteria to grow and put you at risk of infection.
Talk to your healthcare provider for more information about getting a safe pedicure during pregnancy. Pedicure during pregnancy:
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Some tips for getting a safe pedicure

5 safety tips

If you want to keep your feet and toes looking their best when you become a mom, just follow these simple rules when getting a pedicure during pregnancy.

Choose an airy salon

Doctors warn that inhaling toxic fumes during pregnancy can cause birth defects, but pregnant women often have long exposures to spa and salon fumes before problems develop. However, it is recommended that you avoid inhaling strong fumes that can cause nausea. So choose a well-ventilated area for your pedicure or manicure.

Bring your own nail tools

Although the risk of infection during a pedicure is very low, pregnant women are more susceptible to bacterial and fungal infections. Bring your own nail clippers, nail files, cuticle sticks, and other pedicure supplies recommended. Reputable salons thoroughly sanitize their tools, but bringing your own tools further reduces the risk of infection. If you use spa tools, make sure they are autoclaved. please. This is the only way to be sure the tools are completely sterile. Chemical soaks don’t kill bacteria and fungi 100% of the time.

Order 3 free manicures

There are limits when it comes to nail polish colors that are safe to use during pregnancy. However, this freedom is not transferable to nail polish brands. Nail polish has never been associated with birth defects in babies. Still, concerned mothers may want to ask about a pedicure or manicure using nail polish that does not contain dibutyl phthalate, toluene, or formaldehyde. not. “3 free” polishes include Zoya, Butter London, and Scotch Naturals.

Talk to your pedicurist about your pregnancy

Pedicure during pregnancy is also safe! Many pregnant women cannot even stretch their legs comfortably at some point in their pregnancy to get a pedicure.
Getting a pedicure while pregnant is safe, but you should take the necessary precautions. Many patients come to our clinic with infections, fungi, or ingrown hair after a relaxing day at the nail salon.
These foot problems can be more serious for pregnant women. There is nature. Simple tips for a safe pedicure:
Try to go to a reputable salon or a salon that offers medically safe pedicures.
Go to the salon early in the day to avoid excessive exposure to chemical odors. Use a branded nail polish that contains fewer chemicals and more natural ingredients
Inform your podiatrist (if he doesn’t come) to avoid massaging too deeply.
These are simple tips to avoid unnecessary risks during pregnancy. If you experience pain or changes to your nails or skin after a pedicure, see your doctor immediately to reduce your risk.
Be sure to tell your podiatrist that you are pregnant. During the treatment, it is perfectly safe to soak and scrub your feet in lukewarm water and receive a gentle foot massage. There is absolutely no evidence that pedicures induce labor. However, because certain reflex points on your feet are designed to relax your uterus, it’s best for your podiatrist to avoid pressing one spot too long during the massage. Gently and long strokes are best. Massage relieves pain and swelling.

Other beauty treatments during pregnancy

Most beauty treatments are safe during pregnancy, but certain considerations should be considered.
For example:
Hair color is probably safe, but the scalp can be more sensitive.
Self-tanners are probably safe, but studies have not confirmed the safety of spray tanners.
While waxes and depilatory creams are safe, a few beauty creams and treatments may contain tretinoin, an acne treatment, and pregnant women may want to avoid this ingredient. not. Isotretinoin (Accutane) is an oral treatment for severe acne and is safe anytime during pregnancy. Some doctors warn against taking any type of retinoid drug during pregnancy.
Your doctor or dermatologist can recommend pregnancy-safe skin care. There is usually no need to adjust your personal health habits as there are effective alternatives to products with harmful ingredients.
A pregnancy manicure or pedicure can be a relaxing and luxurious self-care. No studies have conclusively established that nail treatments are harmful.
If you are concerned about potential risks, wash your hands thoroughly after treatment, wear a mask during treatment, and avoid using certain chemicals. No product should be brought or requested.
If you have any questions or concerns about safety during pregnancy, please consult your healthcare professional.

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