Do You Really Know: How Much Does Pedicure Cost?

pedicure cost
Pedicure is a common way to treat yourself while valuing your health and appearance. This is a classic self-care activity and is one of the most popular services offered at the salon. If you plan to add a pedicure to your routine, you may be wondering how much a pedicure will cost. We have taken a survey for you so you can have an idea of ​​how much you are going to spend on your favorite pedicure.
We have collected information on each type of pedicure, such as costs and procedures at Labelle Nail Boutique. Whether you are new to pedicures or want to try new styles for your next one, you will be well prepared and know exactly what to expect!
Different types of Pedicure services at Labelle Nail Boutique have cost between $33 and $75, depending on the pedicure service packages. Below Labelle will provide several of the most popular types of pedicures with their price ranges:
  • Standard Pedicure: $25-$35 (or the classic Pedicure at Labelle: $33)
  • Spa Pedicure: $45
  • Deluxe Spa Treatment: $50
  • Ultimate Pedicure Treatment: $65
  • CBD Cannicure Pedicure Treatment: $70
  • Signature Labelle Coconut Milk and Honey Treatment: $75

spa pedicure cost

Different pedicures are so diverse that it is difficult to come up with a price range that accurately represents all types of pedicures

Cost For Each Type Of Pedicure

Basic Pedicure
Standard or basic pedicure is the most common service offered at nail salons. You can pay for this service in the range of $ 35 to $ 45. VIP Nails and Spa, including Labelle Nail Boutique located in Poway, San Diego, charges $ 30 for a standard pedicure. Their price list is a good example of how the costs vary depending on the type of pedicure, as they offer multiple types of a pedicure at different costs.
What Does Classic Pedicure Comprise?
A basic pedicure includes all general foot care procedures without frills. It usually begins with a foot bath, followed by exfoliation to remove dead skin cells from the foot. Moisturizers are usually applied to the feet and legs. The podiatrist then finishes the podiatrist by filing, trimming, and molding the podiatrist. Then paint Nail with your favorite color. Nail art designs can be created for an additional fee.
Classic pedicure is a familiar service and is a perfect choice at a price that matches the thorough and basic treatment of the feet and soles. The first step in this service is to soak your feet in pure essential oils, trim the excess soles of your feet, and clean and disinfect them before removing dead cuticles. The next step is to shape and polish the nails to bring out an attractive look. You can enjoy truly relaxed feelings with the application of a moisturizing aromatherapy massage. Another fun step is where you can wrap your feet with a hand towel. Of course, you can choose your favorite polish color and coat your ankles to enhance the beauty of charm and shine.
You can get this basic pedicure service at Labelle at the price of $33.
Spa Pedicure Service
The beauty of the skin and blood circulation of the feet is greatly improved, and the spa treatment service treats you with the best therapy. The process of pedicure spa treatment is also included in the classic, based on the basic steps of soaking your feet, conditioning your nails, filing, shaping, buffing, and applying color polish. Therefore, you will enjoy the complete process of a basic pedicure treatment, but it will be even more special with a combination of citrus sugar scrubs to remove the peels. The next step is to apply a deep moisturizing mask to perfect your feet and skin and naturally emphasize a comfortable sensation. With meticulous and dedicated moisturizing care, your dry skin will be specially improved. The final step will help you enjoy the most blissful moments and really relax with the application of hot stone together with a pure, essential, and fragrant oil and aroma moisturizer.
The price of this service package at Labelle Nail Boutique is $45
pedicure service cost

Different Pedicure services have a different ranges of cost

Deluxe Spa Treatment
One of the dazzling capabilities whilst you come and enjoy the Spa Treatment carrier at Labelle Nail Boutique is the delivery of Deluxe Spa Treatment with the extra software of sizeable steps. Deluxe Spa Treatment will assist the splendor care manner which incorporates the simple steps of the classic, the extensive nourishment and rubs down of the Spa Treatment, mainly greater superior in Deluxe Spa Treatment is the callus remedy and improvement. Normally, callus is the thick and hard patches on you`re a small part of pores and skin, usually at the brink across the feet pores and skin. A callus is regularly unfolded out and large at the pores and skin surface. It is the maximum viable for callus to seem at the bony positions which include your toe, your heel, or at the lowest of your foot, along of your foot. Callus can without difficulty reason the terrible outcomes at the fitness and splendor of pores and skin. Therefore, you need to take note of your pores and skin with the elimination of callus. At Labelle Nail Boutique, the manner of callus remedy is cautiously and particularly carried out with the standard steps of the Classic pedicure, Spa Treatment. The first step is foot soaking for the callus location withinside the natural and important liquid inside 5-10 mins to melt the pores and skin. The 2d step is to moisten the pumice stone and gently pass the pumice stone to get rid of the non-residing tissues. The subsequent step is to maintain the usage of the pumice stone mixed with the rub-down the usage of the callus elimination gel whilst pores and skin to your foot is smooth. Your pores and skin to your ft on which callus continues to be present might be softer and smoother naturally. This is one of the extraordinarily powerful remedies for casting off your callus to your ft rapidly.
It is enjoyable for you to get Deluxe Pedicure treatment at a cost of $50.
Ultimate Pedicure Treatment
This service pack is a smart and wonderful choice due to the perfect combination of the above service packs. The basic steps of a classic treatment integrated into a spa and deluxe spa treatment ensure the beauty and health of your feet and nails. The special feature of Ultimate Pedicure Treatment is that it focuses not only on foot skincare, but also on muscle and blood circulation health. Proper paraffin wax treatment relieves muscle tension and significantly improves blood circulation in the legs. In addition, Aromatherapy Hot Stone Massage will make your feet more comfortable in more than 10 minutes. Labelle supplies this service package at the price of $65.
CBD Cannicure Pedicure Treatment
CBD is a useful compound extracted from the cannabis plant used in the production of CBD oil. CBD oil has been studied for its wonderful effects on skin health and beauty when combined with
coconut oil and hemp. CBD is also applied to pedicure treatments using the full foam of hemp-injected CBD Fizer Soak Balls. Delicious raw sugar cane and honey will soften and shine your skin. After completing this step,  get special and complete relaxation with a 15+ vitamin massage for the skin along with cannabinoid-rich hemp CBD body butter full-spectrum hemp oil. Gently wrap your feet in a steaming towel and relax your body comfortably. Your bliss continues with constant hemp body oil massage and the use of hot stones. This type of treatment not only makes your skin more attractive and naturally beautiful but also relieves existing pain, stress, fatigue, and muscle tension.
You need to pay $70 to receive CBD Pedicure at Labelle Nail Boutique.
Signature Labelle Coconut Milk & Honey Treatment
One of Labelle’s special packages to enjoy the glamorous and glamorous beauty of the queen bee. First, you will receive a classic pedicure that disinfects and cares for the shape of your feet. Getting a pedicure topped with the goodness of coconut honey is wonderful and convenient. Start by soaking your feet in exotic nut oil and natural coconut milk to make the deepest layers of your skin softer and more radiant. To prevent and improve skin cell aging and free up pores for skin cleansing, Labelle supplies extra natural raw honey and coconut crystals to exfoliate. When used properly, Hot Honey Papaya Fruit Frosting deeply nourishes the skin. A hot stone reflexology massage is refreshing and soothing before wrapping your knees, feet, and nails in a warm towel. Shea Butter Mask and Coconut Cream Care revitalize and brighten the skin of the legs. Finally, Paraffin supplements help relieve muscle tension and improve circulation in the legs.
With the price of $75, you can experience the perfect Pedicure treatment in the most wonderful way.

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The cost of a pedicure in your area depends on the salons available in your area, the services they offer, and the general price range of each salon

What Is A Good Cost For A Pedicure?

The time, materials, and effort required for different pedicures are so diverse that it is difficult to come up with a price range that accurately represents all types of pedicures. You can pay a minimum of $ 35 for a simple pedicure and a maximum of $ 65 or more for a more complex pedicure.

How much is a pedicure near me?

The cost of a pedicure in your area depends on the salons available in your area, the services they offer, and the general price range of each salon. Pedicure costs start at $ 15 and start at $ 65 and above.
Whether it’s a quick touch-up or a luxurious spa experience, you’ll find a salon that offers services that meet your needs and budget. However, be careful when choosing a pedicure! Categories of pedicures do not have the standard regulations that every salon must follow, so you need to read the service menu carefully to get what you need from the service of your choice. Now that you’re ready to pamper your feet, which pedicure to choose?

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