6 Useful And Effective Tips For Pedicure At Home

6 useful tips for Pedicure
It is more and more important to pay attention to the beauty and health of the sub-parts of body, especially feet and toenails. Due to their significant influence to the whole body, the regular treatment is quite essential. Therefore, Pedicure services have been appeared and developed popularly and rapidly. It is better for you to get the best Pedicure services at several good nail salons at place where you are living. For example, in Poway, San Diego, Labelle Nail Boutique is the greatest choice for you to experience the most perfect Pedicure services. However, in the following article, Labelle Nail Boutique will recommend 7 useful and effective tips for you to do Pedicure by yourself at home unless you come to any nail salon.

The magical and effective benefits of Pedicure

The magical and significant benefits of Pedicure for the health and beauty of nails 

What Is Pedicure?

Pedicure is a popular and familiar term derived from a Latin word that has two elements: pedis, meaning foot, and cura, meaning care something. What is a pedicure in general? A pedicure is the cosmetic treatment of toenails or feet for their beauty and health. Pedicure is also considered an excellent and beneficial treatment for toenail vigor. Using specialized tools and pure essential compounds, your pedicurist will help you take care of your toenails by removing dead skin cells and rubbing the soles and cuticles along the edges of your feet. The shaggy stones, also named pumice stones will be applied to your toenails and feet as well comfortably and hygienically.
Pedicure is often done primarily at nail salons by the well-trained and well-skilled nail technicians. Currently, due to the wide popularity of Pedicure, you are absolutely able to do it yourself at home.
Why Pedicure is important? Before approaching to the useful and effective tips for Pedicure at home, please review the magical and wonderful benefits of Pedicure first in the next section.

Pedicure And Its Magical Benefits

When you apply Pedicure treatment to your toenails, you will coat the color nail lacquer on your nails. Nail polish has tons of colors and you can choose your favorite one. Pedicure color is suitable for all seasons and occasions, and the therapist uses a base coat to protect the nail plate from soiling. Topcoat can also be used to set the color and extend the durability of the varnish.
This color will give your nails an attractive look. This is one of the first visible advantages of Pedicure treatment to your nails.
Polishing your nails not only makes them look beautiful and shiny, it is also important to stimulate blood circulation in this area. Blood contains essential nutrients for nail health and growth. Nails cut short but growing well may be a sign that your nails are in good condition.   
In addition to exfoliating, a professional manipulator will scrub your skin with moisturizers and cuticle care products. This massage is very relaxing as well as helps to release the muscle tension and relieve the pain in the cold season. Especially, it also helps the body dissipate the dry and uncomfortable status of skin in the harsh winter weather.
Included massage therapy for feet and feet skin, Pedicure can be a great way to relax the skin and relieve stress. And we all know how important the rest is, and de-stressing on a regular basis is very important to our health.
One of the most important benefits is the feeling factor. It’s amazing how the treatment can help your feet feel better, feel truly confident and feel comfortable, clean and tidy.
The physical and mental health benefits of Pedicures are extremely wonderful.
Feet, toenails look more impressive, muscle tension is reduced and blood circulation is improved. Therefore, don’t be hesitant to do a Pedicure at home yourself. What are useful Pedicure ideas for Pedicure at home effectively? The following part will present obviously more.

How Pedicure At Home? 6 Useful And Effective Tips For Pedicure At Home

Tip 1: Make some necessary preparations for Pedicure at home

Firstly, you should prepare the specialized tools and compounds for Pedicure at home, including nail lacquer removal, hot or pumice stone, nail file/pusher or clipper/nipper, skin cream, cuticle oil, basin, towel, cotton pads, polishing: base coat, top coat and any color of your choice.

preparations for pedicure at home

The specialized tools and the necessary preparations for Pedicure at home

Secondly, preparing the toenails for your Pedicure at home. You use nail polish remover to eliminate the old nail polish with a cotton swab. Then trimming your nails with a Pedicure knife, but cut straight. You shouldn’t cut deeply your corner of toenails. Otherwise, you may develop painful ingrown nails. You can determine the shape of your nails (square, oval, pointed or bevel) and trim them accordingly. You use a nail file to shape your nails into the shape you want. Sharpening the file with enough force to change the shape of the nail, but be careful not to loosen it. Do not reciprocate as this may weaken the tip of the nails. Instead, lining them up in one direction to get the shape you want.

Tip 2: Soak your feet for cleaning- An indispensable tip for Pedicure at home

Soaking your feet in the warm, aroma water is a great way to unwind after a hectic day.
Pouring the warm water into the tub to dip through your ankles. To keep it simple and more effective, you should add the shampoo and a few rock salt crystals to the liquid. However, to get the perfect Pedicure at home, you need to:
Supplement the lemon juice and a few drops of shampoo. If you have the available essential oils at home, you can also add a few drops. They are useful to calm the nerves and offer a spa treatment to your feet. Sit and soak your feet within 15-20 minutes comfortably. Meanwhile doing this, you completely listen to some pieces of the gentle music. It is an effective stress reliever and is perhaps the most relaxing treatment of a Pedicure at home.

soaking the feet

Soaking the feet in the warm water for cleaning and reducing the stress and tiredness 

Tip 3: Remove the non-living skin cells and care for your calluses

Pumice is a light, porous volcanic rock that is regularly used to remove lifeless pores, skin cells and calluses. This type of stone is very popular for Pedicure treatment at nail salons and at home. To use the tool, bring the tool to your toes and quickly move the from side to side. Applying the constant pressure, but be careful not to press too hard. Use complex edges to fire lifeless cells and edges to clean surfaces. For treating and softening the calluses, an additional pumice stone or foot file can be applied when the feet are dry.

Tip 4: Use the special products to moisturize your feet

Your toes at the moment are sparkling and clean. However, to give your feet a complete rejuvenation, you should apply some the special moisturizers. You can rub down your toes, ankles and calf muscle tissues for approximately 10 minutes. When you sense good, you could proceed to coat the suitable nail polish for your toes. You also can blend almond together with olive oil to rub down your toes after washing your face. Each teaspoon is blended with some drops of your favorite vital oil for an incredible foot rub down. The generous application for your toes is more effective. Regular rub down stimulates nervous reduction and improves blood circulation, nourishes the pores and skin and strengthens the muscle tissues of the toes.

moisturize the feet

Removing the non-living skin cells and applying the moisturizer to the feet 

Tip 5:  Choose the favorite nail color polish and apply to your toenails

You should use a thin layer of base coat through the toenails first. Do not skip this step. It is very important that the pedicure lasts longer and more durable. This is because the base coat acts as a barrier between the natural nail oil and the varnish. One more useful tip here: If you can’t reach your toes, place your feet on another table or chair and use the towels to wrap around to avoid spilling or soiling furniture.
Once the base coat is dry, apply a thin color layer to your nail coating of your choice. You need to wait a few minutes for the dryness of the first coat. After drying, apply a second thin coat of paint. If you’re having trouble coloring the little toe, try breaking it up into smaller pieces to make them more visible. Applying less polish to the brush will also help keep it neater.

apply nail color polish

Coating the favorite nail color polish and finishing Pedicure treatment at home  

Tip 6: Complete the Pedicure at home treatment with the top coat

Another important step in making the lacquer last longer is the top coat. A thin layer of top coat seals everything and prevents premature chipping. Allow to dry – 20-30 minutes is ideal, especially if you are wearing socks or shoes, but test the feel after 10-15 minutes. You don’t skip this step if you don’t want to have a pedicure the following day. Apply a top coat to keep the nail polish durably. You will have a very shiny and long-lasting look.
In conclusion, it is certain that you know how to get a Pedicure at home now, what are you waiting for? When meeting someone, the first thing you see is their shoes. Wondering what will happen if you’re not wearing shoes? You always want to own the beautiful legs and the most attractive toenails, you should get the Pedicure treatment at home regularly and sometimes at the top nail salons. 

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